Modern Applications



Art Direction


Amazon got in touch with First Person for developing some visual content for their AWS summit in New York. The task consisted in a visual aid to understand in an easy, accurate and attractive way the advantages that the TDK platform provided.

My work consisted in finding the style and coming up with the examples to make the story possible. Based on the materials I provided, a script was written, and a team of 3D artists was put together to flesh it out.


While production was in the works, my role would consist in sketching as much as possible to allow the 3D artist to focus on the final animation. I provided materials, references and sketches for them, while simultaneously taking suggestions and any input they could have about the project. Without a doubt, they brought value to the animation with visual and aesthetic choices.

As the texturing phase happened at the very end of the pipeline, I colored some of the animators' still-frames to decide the general colors of the piece, together with providing references of textures for each section.



Even if 3d artist did a great job understanding and bringing to life some of the sketches sometimes it was required some 3D rough animatics to fill some gaps on perspective it could be in the decoding of the sketches.


Executive Producer:

Drew Fiero


Vanessa Greene

Drew FIero

Creative Director:

Nathan Hackett

Art Director:

  • Ivan Miguel

Video Editor:

Jessica Schorer

3D Artists:

Micah Jordan

Eric Duplessis