Illustrated Frames

This work was created as assignments for the Illustration for Motion course from School of Motion. All work is created for educational purposes and for keeping my design skills polished. Each brief had to be developed and delivered in an average of 4-7 days.

FarOut Games

Style frames for an exercise to promote a 60’s special edition of playing cards. I wanted to play with the 60’s style but give it a modern touch so it wouldn’t feel outdated. The story brings a group of Gen Z to the 60's through the cards in an Alice of Wonderland kind of way, while the VO talks about the virtues of the game for any scenario (watching TV, waiting in line, listening to music…)

Normal Coffee + Donuts

The exercise consisted in rendering a specific shot list, paying special attention to a reduced color palette and the expression of emotions through body language. The fictional brief narrated how even after a long day you can recharge with Normal’s coffee and donuts.

Grandma’s Kitchen

The brief asked to express the satisfaction that the brand’s flavorful milkshakes provided its consumers, displaying at least three of the possible flavors. My approach consisted in showing that fulfillment through light and color to express the flavor of their product.

This exercise was developed for the Design bootcamp course. The exercise consisted in illustrating a script for an app that helped students choose the correct student loan as the prices of the 60s had rocketeered up to 200,000 dollars.


This exercise asked for a 3-color interpretation of the script for an app that delivers candy to your home, and with it, the full experience of the movies to your sofa. The exercise was a great opportunity to experiment breaking perspectives and creating kind of set pieces.