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Abortion's Rippling Effect





This video was created as part of the exhibition Our Bodies, Our Choice, Our Voice that was showcased at Washington, DC organized by Duke & Duck after the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

The animation was projected along with another 20+ animators as an animated rally in support of reproductive access. The version below showcases audio created post-exhibition with voice by Andrea Arevalo.

Access to safe abortion in the U.S. has a statistical, data-backed domino effect on women’s lives, their families, communities, and society at large. This piece visualizes some of the facts that several studies have researched, giving us an overall picture of

how access to abortion affects us all. Thanks to Hannah Churn for her supervision during the development of this piece.

Video | English version

The video was exhibited as an uninterrupted bilingual loop. For me it was relevant to also showcase it in Spanish, among other reasons, because Hispanic women are especially affected by this overturn. The Spanish version is available here.

Projection | Dupont Underground

Projection | Event video

Website | Bibliography links

The video was the output of dozens of hours researching articles, studies and research papers. I created a bibliography website in the same aesthetic of the video that allows the audience to dig deeper with the original sources and recommended readings.

The website is available at






  • Abortion’s Rippling effect


  • Our Bodies, Our Choice, Our Voice