VMWare Radio 2019


Art Direction

Lead Animation

VMWare Radio is the innovation section inside the company where they explore new directions to cutting edge technology. First Person interviewed several long-time employees to ask them what innovation means to them.

My work consisted in visualizing the concepts and experiences they talked about, within the restricted visual guidelines of the company in a minimalist fluid style that would allow jumping from voice to voice. An articulated abstract style that would depend on both the motion and VO to have full meaning.

| VMWare Radio 2019- Video |

100+ style frames were developed at different stages to quickly check whether ideas were working in motion. Sometimes working alternative options were created to isolate the best option before jumping into the final animation phase.

| VMW Radio 2019 – Style-frames |



  • Creative Director
  • Nathan Hackett

Account Manager

  • Lauren Lindberg

Art Director

  • Ivan Miguel
  • Editor
  • Jessica Schorer
  • I


Ivan Miguel

Scott Bartholomew

Iban Goiatxe