Here you can find a series of still illustrations I have created over the years. Sometimes as satisfying work for clients, and some others as personal or learning exercises.

Futuristic City- SOM Exercise

This illustration is part of an exercise of the Illustration for Motion course at SOM (School of Motion). The overall brief consisted in creating an asymmetric perspective future view of one of the cities they suggested. Instead of going in a cyberpunk neon aesthetic I decided to explore a more optimist view inside the solar-punk style. This is Moscow.

Workstation- SOM Exercise

Illustration showcasing my workstation. I infused some noir notes throughout that would make it proper as a set for a Lynch movie.

Seraphita- Kronos Quartet

As part of the Kronos Quartet 50 For The Future (a collaborative project where they work with 50 composers to create free music content that will be used for learning) I had the opportunity to Illustrate Trey Spruance’s score “Seraphita” which makes reference to an alchemistic figure that unifies masculinity and femininity. I pushed for making the medieval figures a little bit more contemporary without scraping out their symbolic charge. I found a good compromise in a tarot style.


Illustration for the music band “Lost Carnivale”. The group asked a few illustrators to create drawings based on texts they read aloud to audiences before concerts. It was my responsibility to illustrate a passage extracted from a C.S. Elliot poem:

I think we are in rats' alley

Where the dead men lost their bones.

The final illustration was used for the EP cover.

Eternal Fight- Granada FC

Illustration made for Granada Football Club for a campaign that introduced a Meccha with the team’s colors fighting against big rivals: “The Eternal Fight Is Lost Without You. Subscribe. Granada FC”.

In this illustration, the Meccha fights against a giant meringue viking with Real Madrid’s shield as a belt. In Spanish, Real Madrid fans are called by two nicknames: meringues and vikings.